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 New Taxes to Finance Development - Progress and Action   European Social Forum, Athens, 2006/05/05 - 2006/05/05
Another European Social Forum is almost upon us and I am pleased to announce that in keeping with the tradition started in Florence and expanded in Paris and London there will be an activist's CTT workshop. An interactive workshop session has proved immensely useful in the past and will take place after the seminar sessions that we are likely to be involved with, namely on Thursday slot 1: The fight against poverty and inequality: has Europe responded to the global call for action? (435,437) and Friday slot1: Taxation in Europe (623,624, 628, 632). Organisations proposing the workshop: Stamp Out Poverty (UK); 11.11.11 (Belgium); Attac (France); WEED (Germany)- David Hillman
 The Polycentric World Social Forum inMali   Bamako, Mali, 2006/01/19 14:00:00 GMT+2 - 2006/01/23 22:00:00 GMT+2
 event.2006-01-09.6712411723   , 2006/01/09 11:07:51.265 GMT+2 - 2006/01/09 11:07:51.275 GMT+2
 Stamp out Poverty: Progress and Action   Camden Town Hall, Judd Street, London, WC1, 2005/11/19 10:00:00 GMT+2 - 2005/11/19 16:30:00 GMT+2
The day will be divided into 2 distinct halves. The morning will concentrate on Progress and comprise presentations and question and answer sessions. The afternoon will focus on Action and be more interactive concentrating on how to take concrete next steps on both the CTT and other innovative tax initiatives in the UK, Europe and globally.
 Towards Another Financial System - Relaunching the Draft Treaty on CTT   Vanha Ylioppilastalo, Tiedekuntasali (Mannerheimintie 3), Helsinki, 2005/09/06 16:00:00 GMT+3 - 2005/09/06 20:00:00 GMT+3
16 pm -17.30 pm Attac's ABC-Plan: Towards Another Europe With Jacques Cossart (ATTAC France) and Antonio Martins (ATTAC Brazil) 18 pm -20 pm Towards Another Financial System. Relaunching the Draft Treaty on CTT. With Heikki Patomäki (NIGD), Jacques Cossart and Antonio Martins.
 ECTTN meeting   Offices of 11.11.11, Brussels, 2005/09/01 - 2005/09/01
More details to follow.
 Stamp Out Poverty - Tax the Banks   Adam House 1, Chamber Street, Edinburgh, 2005/07/03 10:00:00 GMT+3 - 2005/07/03 11:45:00 GMT+3
A meeting for campaigners from across Europe to plan coordinated action, proposed by ATTAC France, Stamp Out Poverty (UK) and WEED (Germany).
 European mobilisation for tax justice   Brussels, 10 h devant la Bourse, 12 h place Fontainas , 2005/06/17 10:00:00 GMT+3 - 2005/06/17 16:00:00 GMT+3
A number of organisations including Attac Wallonie-Bruxelles, Attac France, Attac Luxembourg and the French trade union SNUI organise a European demonstration for global taxes and tax justice and against the tax havens.
 Unlimited Expansions? International Seminar on Financial Services Liberalisation   Gustav-Stresemann-Institute, Bonn, 2005/06/22 09:30:00 GMT+3 - 2005/06/23 15:30:00 GMT+3
A two-day expert workshop, organised by World Economy, Ecology & Development
 Tobin-Europe Meeting   Köln, 2005/03/01 09:30:00 GMT+2 - 2005/03/02 14:00:00 GMT+2
Setting the scene re European campaigns. Setting the International context. CTT policy discussion. Defining areas of agreement.
 CTT - a necessity against neoliberal globalisation   Room F102, WSF V, Porto Alegre, 2005/01/28 08:30:00 GMT+2 - 2005/01/28 11:30:00 GMT+2
The CTT - A Necessity Against Neoliberalist Globalisation. - The idea of this seminar of is to continue discussions on setting up a global CTT campaign, that has been already discussed in previous WSF and at the 2003 ESF in Paris. Participating organisations: Attac Italie ATTAC Brasil, ATTAC Francia, ATTAC Italia, ATTAC Japón, Grito de los Excluídos, Liberdade Brasil, Fundación Rosa Luxemburgo, NIGD, Sinal Tobin Tax Initiative, Unafisco, Weed. - For the whole programme of the WSF V, see enclosed URL.
 las sociedades, o los mercados   Porto Alegre, 2005/01/28 - 2005/01/29
Agglutinated CTT-events at the World Social Forum
 European Tobin Tax Network meets at the European Parliament in Brussels   Spinelli Building of the European Parliament, Room ASP 5G 305 (5th floor), 2004/12/02 13:00:00 GMT+5 - 2004/12/02 14:30:00 GMT+5
On the 2nd of December, the European Tobin Tax Network meets at the European Parliament in Brussels. Tobin Tax campaigners from all over Europe will attend this meeting to discuss the European Tobin Tax campaign. The European Tobin Tax Network would like to take advantage of being in Brussels to meet with the Members of the European Parliament who are interested in the Tobin Tax to discuss common strategies to keep the Tobin Tax on the European agenda.

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