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World Public Finances

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In this section: documents and papers which open the perspective towards world public finances
World Public Finances The Tobin Tax and Global Civil Society Organisations: The Aftermath of the 2008-9 Financial Crisis
Paper by prof. Heikki Patomäki, originally written as a basis for his talks in Kyoto and Tokyo in January 2009, but it has been up-dated and rewritten and includes also an analysis of the International Financial Transaction Tax proposal. This paper is forthcoming in the Ritsumeikan Annual Review of International Studies; and a different version later in a European journal.
World Public Finances WPF comment by Francine Mestrum
Here Francine comments that we should define what Global Public Goods are within the WPF platform, and make a strong case for them. Also link WPF to the development discourse.
World Public Finances WPF Blog
The purpose of this blog is to debate the concept of World Public Finances, a platform created by various NGOs to create proposals to regulate the global financial market for the purpose of welfare of all citizens of the world.
World Public Finances Concept paper for Nairobi - idées pour Finances Publiques Mondiaux pour Nairobi
This document has a concise version of the concepts and plans that the WPF platform plans to do in Nairobi. It's open to discussion, debate and further elaboration. Ce document est une version plus courte du document qui a été crée pour le blog,, qui a pour objectif a ouvrir une discussion sur nos plans et projets communs au FSM de Nairobi.
World Public Finances World Public Finances Mailing List
A mailing list for the organisations, associations and movements participating in the World Public Finances initiative.
World Public Finances The Bamako Meeting, January 2006
This folder contains materials from the meeting on World Public Finances at the Polycentric World Social Forum in in Bamako, January 2006
World Public Finances More ideas on world public finances, development and global public goods
Based on the failures of aid policies of the past decades, organisations like UNCTAD and the World Development Movement today propose a direct, multilateral financing of development and refer to the possibility of raising global taxes. Francine Mestrum connects the dots.

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